Saturday, January 24, 2009


The astute wife of a multi-millionaire. Mrs. Betty Lewis was an able
financial consultant to her husband. Mrs. Lewis enjoyed an impressive lifestyle.
She and her husband had power, wealth and fame. Betty's husband
George was on the cover of business magazines.

Fast forward to the present. Mr. Lewis passed away several years
ago having to live in a wheel chair and needing to be taken care
of by a round the clock nursing staff. After the death of Mr. Lewis, Betty,
was brought to North Carolina by her children as Alzheimer's began
to take control of her mind. She lives today within the confines of
her house, yard and street. Mrs. Lewis finds pleasure in puppies,
children and an occasional meal out.

Alzheimer's is a thief of the thing we all hold dear--memory. There are
a few days when patients are lucid and active. Their conversations
may be more normal. Their sentences usually garbled become clear.
A patient might be able to read or play a game on these days.

I began bringing my dog, Meah, to visit Betty almost a year ago now. Betty
finds joy in petting Meah's head and having her wet, sloppy kisses.
She loves on Meah and Meah loves her. Betty calls her a
"good girl" and Meah's tail wags wildly in response. Betty knows
a kindred spirit when she sees one.

Betty , the nurse, Meah and I make scrapbooks, play games and
cook together. Betty, though she is ill, has a discernment about
her. She knows she is among friends. She calls us "a good group".

Betty and I would never have run in the same circles if it were not for
her illness. Now she calls me her friend! Though I am often tired
when our day comes to visit Betty...I always go away refreshed.

Betty's husband, George, had come to know Jesus as His Savior before
his death. I like to think that He can see us from Heaven and that
He knows the love of his life is in good hands. Several times there has
been an opportunity for me to share with Betty as I would with children the
gospel story. I have asked God to give her lucid moments
in which she understands and can somehow respond to His Spirit.

I so want to see Betty in Heaven, free from the chains of Alzheimer's
which now imprison her.

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