Saturday, January 24, 2009

Squirrel Hunt

My dog, Meah, is a black lab mix. A gentle, loving soul who weighs 65
pounds but feels that she is a 10 pound lap dog. In her heart she
believes herself to be my personal clown. When I am tired she runs
to her toys and tosses them into the air whirling about on her back feet.
Her performance is enhanced by my giggles and laughter. God made
her by nature to be a giver of joy.

Our usual routine is to make sure that several times during the day
she is able to get out and run for a short period. She needs periods of
freedom to run and play during the day. I thrill to see her bound down
her path and then turning with a great expression of back to me.
She has certain boundaries. I delight in watching her dance through the
yard when she stays within those boundaries.

On this particular day, she found something tantalizing beyond her
boundaries. She decided to take off into the woods. I am fearful
of her getting hurt in a place where I cannot easily reach her so this
is always a concern. Today, she smelled a squirrel and took off running
right after it through the trees.

A small voice spoke to me very clearly in that precise moment. The
voice said, "when I give you a little freedom you do this very same
thing". How must God feel when I go off on a squirrel hunt?

God in His great love for me gives me parameters in which to operate. He
delights in seeing me dance and fly. He loves it most when in that moment
I turn to Him and run back knowing that my real source of joy is in just
being close to Him. We both enjoy my freedom in those moments
when I choose to stay within those parameters just
because I love Him more than the other enticements that might lead
me off into the woods. He is concerned wanting me to be protected
from harm.

I get it, Father. I understand.

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