Thursday, January 22, 2009

God Bless America

Hispanic, African-American, Jew and Greek- all these nationalities and more
standing side by side. Millions moving quietly through our nation's capital
with one single cause. From the monument of Lincoln to the Capital
on ground paid for by the blood of many, stood a people in unity. For this day
they had laid down their positions, politics and disagreements to watch our
forty-fourth President take the oath of office.

Very few times in our lives can we experience History in the making. This
day was one we will not soon forget. The day when FREEDOM rang throughout
our land. Freedom to elect a President. Freedom from the oppression which
once was commonplace in our land. Freedom to see the first African-American
President take the oath of office. Freedom.

From the arenas of Heaven above there must have been a quiet hush. For
there beneath the clouds. all of Heaven could see all the nations of the earth
standing together in unity of purpose and heart in this one place. God himself
must have smiled to see a people who had been oppressed liberated at last.
He must have seen the sight for which Christians long. The day when every tribe, tongue and nation stand before the most high God with one purpose.

There have been rare moments when we have been able to see five thousand ortwenty thousand people together in the same place. Yet, on this most
hallowed of days for Americans, we saw millions. There were all sizes,
shapes and colors but one sense of purpose and unity. This day we laid
aside all malice. This day we agreed to disagree without arrogance or
anger. This day we were all United.

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