Tuesday, January 20, 2009


President Bush and Mrs. Bush met President Elect Obama and his wife Michelle
on the steps of the White House this morning. Things were about to change in
the United States. The man who had fought to protect us and realized the
stakes of what happened in the Middle East would very shortly lay down the
mantle he had carried for these past eight years.

There was no parade to say "Thank you". There were just Americans hissing
from the throngs before the White House. There was no gratitude shown by
the multitudes he had so willing protected for the past eight years. Even the
new President as he was sworn into office did not really show the respect
due to the one who was now his predecessor.

Yet President Bush did give to us a picture of how to stand as a Candle amidst
those who did not understand his decisions. He quietly said "goodbye" after
having the weight of our country on his shoulders. He was kind to the unkind.
He was loving toward those who had mocked him. He showed respect for
those who were disrespectful of his presidency.

May each of us now hold high our candles that the watching world might
see Jesus in us. They may not understand why we do what we do. They
might chuckle at our beliefs. This crowd might not understand why we
cling to our faith. It might seem odd that we sound the alarm. Yet we
must hold high our candles and walk into the darkness of a new world...
because they need the Light.

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