Monday, January 19, 2009

Several years ago a dear retired pastor who was a part of our
choir family stood and shared this story. I have embellished it
a bit after studying scripture and reading once again the book,
"Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret". May these words light up
your soul as they did mine and continue to do.

A traveler was headed across the desert in a caravan when he and
his friends headed into a sand storm. Winds howled about them,
yet they dare not stop or it would mean certain death. The dry,
parched air made them long for even just a drink of clean water.
The sand enveloped them until it pressed them almost
to madness.

After hours of moving forward and enduring the harsh conditions
upon them, the storm came to an end as abruptly as it had begun.
The whirring of the wind and the blasting of the sand had died
down to a whimper. All was quiet.

Free from the blast, they continued fighting on. The stars of
night being their only compass. The group could no longer count
upon the landmarks they had once known.

Tired and weary to the point of exhaustion they toiled on. Their
supplies were now low and no water was in sight. The small
caravan of travelors felt it almost unneccessary to continue.
They were in despair of their lives. The leader urged them on
a bit further.

As the travelers fought their way forward they caught sight of
what seemed to be a bit of green miles ahead. Encouraged, they
fought the pangs of hunger and thirst and moved toward the
green place they felt they saw.

Was this a mirage? Were their minds only creating such a place
because they were so thirsty and in need of nourshment? The
travelers could not tell, it was all they could do to move forward.

As the longed for sight became a closer reality their spirits
were renewed. They must reach water. They must get to this
place of greenery. Finally, after what seemed like days their
faith became sight. They were able to see large palm trees
and green foliage. They were within reach.

Upon arriving the leader of the small group jumped from his
camel and ran into the foliage. Surely the source which
watered this spot must be close. Further into the the green,
lush oasis he went. After clearing through bushes and
greenery he came to a clearing where there was a large well.
Running to the well he fell upon it. Water!

Yet drawing near the well and hanging over the edge...he saw
but a small trickle of water at the very bottom of the well.
He looked around, but there were no buckets or containers.
How could he reach that water?

Exhausted he laid down by the well and tried to think. They
did not have ropes or anything of use with them for such a
task. Would they die close to quenching their thirst.

All of a sudden the travelor heard a small voice say, "Sing to
the fountain". Sure he was hearing things, the traveler
looked about the clearing thinking there must be someone
there. No one. He dismissed the words.

Again, a voice said, "Sing to the Fountain". He thought this
was a ridiculous idea, but bereft of any ideas of his own he
decided it was worth trying. He began humming quietly an old
hymn which his mother had often sang to him as a boy.

As he hummed...he heard a trickle of water, as if the the
fountain had heard his quiet song. Yet looking over the
edge the water was still not high enough to reach.

"Sing louder" the quiet voice commanded. So feeling it his
only option, once again he began to sing louder. There was
now a flowing sound in the was moving higher.
The water was nearing the surface.

Without having to be instructed again, the travelor began to
sing at the top of his voice. The water stirred again and filled
with joy at the sight the travelor began singing and dancing
around the fountain. At that moment, the water gushed
upward and began to flow over the man and to water the
ground about him. He ran to mouth of the fountain and began
to drink all of the water he could.

Remembering the others...he ran to get them and brought the
caravan closer in. Water began to flow as a river around
them and they drank deeply of its sweet streams. Even the
animals had water to drink.

Upon leaving the oasis, the travelors built a stone marker...
that if they traveled this way could be seen readily.
The travelors came back to this place many times in the future
as their journeys took them through this desert place. Freely,
they would sing to the fountain and it repeatedly brought forth
water in abundance!

"O Christ, He is the fountain
The deep, sweet well of love
The streams on earth, I've longed for
More deep I'll drink above"

Hudson Taylor's words: "Shall never thirst"--would it, could it
prove true now? "To know that 'shall" means shall, that
"never" means never, and that "thirst" means any unsatisfied

"Oh, it is joy to feel Jesus living in you, to find your heart
all taken up by Him; to be reminded of His love by His seeking
communion with you at all times, not by your painful attempts
to abide in Him. He is our life, strength, our salvation. He is
our "wisdom, righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption."
He is our power for service and fruitbearing..."

The Living Water lives in us and as we drink of Him, praise Him
...His love and joy pour forth in our lives.

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