Friday, February 6, 2009

The Grocieries

The lessons of a new missionary intern are often difficult. I had come Clemson University to train for Campus work similar to that of Campus Crusade only under the new ministry called Real Life (then Forever Generation). A new state, a new ministry, new people to work with, my first home, my first time raising support and my first major steps of faith. To me, it was an adventure with God that I faced with great anticipation.

Karen greeted me that first day in a small empty 2 bedroom apartment in a neighboring town to Clemson. It was as close as we could get with the finances we had. Karen would be my mentor, adviser and trainer as I began this work. Neither of us had much furniture so we survived with a large chair and then a cot we covered and put pillows on to resemble couch. So it began...

I loved being on campus with the students and meeting with them for discipleship and follow up. Karen and the other staff were faithful to guide me step by step! Yet, before I could go to campus each day I awoke at 4:30 am and made biscuits at Hardee's until 1pm.I would run home, change, grab something for lunch and head back to campus to work until mid evening.

With my support and what I made on campus let's just say that I lived on very little during that first year! Karen and I both lived by faith in many ways. One day our food was next to nothing. On that day Karen told me that rather than train on campus that day that she wanted me to stay and pray that God would provide for us. The rest of the morning was spent on my knees by my bedside.

About noon there was a knock on the door. I quickly got up from my knees and ran to open it. However, even I did not expect the sight I saw before me. There was a lady on the doorstep...who I did not know! She smiled and grabbing 2-3 bags of groceries handed them to me. Her words "God laid this on my heart today". I did not know her name. I did not recognize her as being from my church. I was awestruck. Not only had God answered prayer, but it was the first of many lessons that year in walking by faith.

Karen came home shortly after that and asked if God had brought us any food...she was getting a little hungry. She just smiled when I said that God had sent a lady to our door with bags of groceries. "God answers prayer, Bec! God answers prayer!

I would see tires, a car, furniture and many other things come by way of faith in Christ that year. With each I was able to share with students in Bible Studies or discipleship what God had provided. These lessons in faith have only served to make me very confident that He will provide.

Karen had given me that day a picture which I kept for some time of the ram in the thicket right next to where Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac. His hand was poised ready to take the life of his son. It was a picture of God's provision. Our Great Provider had already supplied what was needed!

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