Friday, February 6, 2009

Building Others Up

"While I was praying this week, God impressed me that I was to ask you
to teach music at our school." I was already working full time on campus,
but with these words God had given me a new challenge. A new assignment
that would change my life.

Sandra asked me if I would come and meet with her about beginning a
music and choir program for the students. As she explained her vision
to me of beginning an arts program in music for grades K-12, I became
excited at the opportunities there might be to influence children with

Her next assignment was for me to plan a music program for the spring
utilizing all grade levels and involving as many of the other teachers
as possible. This event would be attended by parents and area churches
and pastors who supported the school. (What was I thinking?!)

The children were a joy! I especially loved the first graders who had
such pliable hearts! They loved singing and internalized every word!
My choices in teaching them were songs that would comfort them, teach
them about God and lift their hearts in praise. "Love never gives up"
"My Father's Angels" "The Crayon Song" How they loved God!

Fast forward to High School Choir... now this was a thing that the girls
loved...but the guys thought was a sissy class. I had to make it an in your
face class...I had to find more ways to tap into their hearts. God gave me
the ring leaders!

For the concert God brought a musical to my attention that was humorous, taught
a great deal of pride in our country, history and had some great characters.
I have never seen God transform a school like he did when everyone was
taking part. God taught me so much about unity and the positive affects that
come from everyone working to make a production work.

My ring leaders were making hot air balloons, time machines and painting
scenery! The older students were working with younger students to help them
learn lines. Teachers were sewing costumes. Unsaved parents were making
frames for backdrops. God is good!

That time brought to me some of the best experience of my life. I met so
many parents with whom I still have contact. My teens...they have graduated
from college and are in ministry and businesses.

Thank the Lord that he spoke to a school administrator who attended my
church and saw something in my life that I could use to contribute to others.
We need to be listening to and watching for God to help us show others
where they can be involved. Life changing moments ...may we grasp the
opportunities to build others up!

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