Monday, February 2, 2009

Remembering Mom

Perhaps you too my friend have known what it is to have a loved one go on before you. As you read today your heart still walks through the valley of the shadow. Know this my friend...God is
with you and will restore your soul.

The item below was written recently in remembering some of my mother's last words to me. She had gone through a battery of tests while in the hospital dying from cancer. She was getting tired of tests. On this particular day, she told me that God gave her a dream where she visited this beautiful garden. She wanted to remember to tell me about the dream because she knew that I love flowers. The minute she told me of her time in the garden, I knew that God would would soon be taking her home. How kind of Him to let me picture her there. She and I had so often sat on the garden swing my Dad had made for her.

This is what came to me....

I've been in the garden, darling
I wish that you could see it too!
There are roses of every shape and color
Gardenias and hydrangeas too!

There's a swing there in the garden
I will go there every day-
Amongst the lilies, tulips, violets
I will go there and I'll wait.

You won't have to worry about me!
I'll be relaxing in the sun-
Pain and tears will now be over
Happy times have now begun.

I will not forget your smiles.
I'll hear your laughter and see your tears.
Just remember you'll soon be coming
Though the days may seem like years!

And it's most important my daughter-
Fix your eyes and heart upon the One
Who made all that is around you
Until your journey on earth is done1

Don't forget to lean upon Him
He's a fortress and a friend!
Trust His love and give to others
Your blessing then will have no end!

Now, remember...I'll be waiting
In the garden when you come HOME!
And like old times -we'll do our reminiscing
On all that's happened while I've been gone.

In Loving Memory of Barbara Goodell Heiniger
Born 1930 Home to Heaven May 2005

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