Monday, February 2, 2009

God/s Amazing Grace

The family of six was coming home on a stormy night. As their van entered some water on the road...they never could have known what was ahead. The van began to move with the current which was almost like a river. Looking at one another the parents had the same sense, only God could help them with this situation.

Minutes later the water in the car was up to the floor board. As they had always done in hard times, the couple began to pray with the children. The parents knew they could not chance getting out of the car with four little ones to try to hold above water, they would have to stay with the car. All the while their plea to God was for wisdom to know what to do.

The water was now up to the seat of the car. With three small children in car seats in the back there was a fear in the parents that they must try something. It was determined that the father would try to kick out the window and climb out. Just as he kicked through the window a gush of water poured in moving the vehicle and sucking him out the door.

That was the last picture he had of his family. He was unconscious and would be found by rescue workers blocks from the place where the car was last.

The five year old who had been sitting between her parents was found dead near a barbed wire fence not far from where the car had been. The small blond was the oldest of the four children who were with their parents on that horrible evening.

The other members of the family were also found. Three of the small children still in their car seats in the rear of the car. The mother was found as well several blocks away in a creek bed.

When he was with a start! Where was he? Where were the children? His wife? Did they make it safely out of the car or had it tipped over? He could not think! Panic gripped his heart.

Friends stood vigil by his bedside and prayed. When at last he recovered they had to share that his wife and all four children had perished. Waves of grief overcame him as he began to deal with so great a loss!

Eventually the police had to ask him to identify the bodies of his family. As he identified his three little children sickness overcame him. He didn't think he could go on. Then his five year old little girl. The grief and guilt overwhelmed him.

Days later his wife was found and once again he had to make that horrible trip to identify her body. With each family member it was like a part of his soul left him. He did not want to go on living without them. How could he go on?

At this time his church and friends surrounded him. He began to go to a grief counselor and though it took years ...he began to realize that God must have a plan for his life. Why else would his children and wife be gone...yet he was still living. He came to grips with the fact that we are appointed only a certain number of hours on earth and then our time is up. God was not finished with him.

He began to realize that he wanted to do more with his life that wire people's homes as

A true story as relayed on RC Anderson.

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