Monday, March 30, 2009


God has given me such wonderful friends! I often try to picture Christ walking
with the Disciples. Can you imagine watching Christ heal a blind man? Can you
imagine hearing him share about the Kingdom of Heaven? Can you see him calm the

My mind then goes to the friends God has given to me. Friends who helped put me
through college, friends who prayed me through lonely times, friends who laughted
with me at camp, friends who stayed up all night at slumber parties...what would we
do without friends. I have been a bit silent the past couple weeks because I have
entered the world of Facebook. It really has been a time of rejoicing for I
had lost track of so many people I love. In the past few weeks I have heard from
Barbara who was like an older sister to me through college. Then there was Judi a
very special Pastor's Wife and Mentor. Scott who was my team leader on campus at Clemson University. Dan who did training seminars with me at Pensacola. Jane who
was a co-worker in CEF. Carrie who was one of my pupils. Julie who had been a teen I took with me traveling on Deputation for a she has three children!
Mike and Cindy who opened their home to me and had me live with them for a year.

Each person opens pages of a book to me! It hss been thrilling to chat with each
one by way of email! Such a small tool...but it has given me a broader family and
allowed me to see relationships restored!

I believe it is Susan Polis Schulz who has said that 'friends sift through the chaff of your life and find the good'. How I praise Him for such dear friends who through the seasons of life have encouraged me on. How grateful for that priviledge
of being a friend to another. How awesome the task of being appointed a "Friend".

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